Monday, January 11, 2010

Code Analysis and Visualization Tools

Since last few years, I am studying how improve the effective of code reviews. In my experience, every organization have its own 'code review guidelines'. However, ROI of time spent on code reviews varies a tremendously. In some project groups, it works very well. While in other groups, many code review comments are of 'naming convention' related issues and not serious code problems. I developed a program called 'Effective Code Review' to teach simple but effective techniques of analyzing code to find more defects during the code reviews.

Last one year I have been conducting this 'Effective Code Review' program in various organizations. As part of this program, I checked/discovered various opensource and freeware tools available to analyze code and/or visualize various aspects of code. I also wrote few simple tools to do that. I have released these simple tools as 'Thinking Craftsman Toolkit' on google code.

I have prepared a list of such tools and their websites and published it on my website with the hope that other will find this list useful.

Check Code Analysis and Visualization Tools on Thinking Craftsman website. If you have any good tools, please leave a comment. I will update the list based on the comments.