Thursday, March 07, 2024

POSH Compliance or Workplace Safety

Since we started developing #ashure ( and started talking with many companies, I often encounter companies that are only interested in complying with the law for the sake of avoiding penalties or lawsuits. They do not realize that POSH #compliance is not an end in itself, but a means to create a safe and respectful #workplace for all genders.

POSH law compliance is just one aspect of creating a "safe workplace". It does not guarantee that women or other marginalized groups feel comfortable and secure in their work environment. In fact, if there are zero POSH complaints in a company, the company management may feel Great but reason could be that women are too afraid or discouraged to report any incidents of sexual harassment or discrimination. This a false sense of 'achievement'. The HR department may think that they are doing a Great job in "outsourcing" POSH compliance to a consultant who dutifully fills all the necessary forms and policy documents. In reality, they are harming the company. Well, "road to hell is always paved with Good intentions"

On the other hand, if a woman raises a POSH complaint, then it indicates that she feel empowered and supported. It shows that the company has a good work culture and a relatively safe workplace. It also gives the company an opportunity to address the issue and prevent it from escalating or recurring.

I have heard comments from HR team members that promoting and displaying POSH policy and IC members names will invite a flood of complaints, even false ones, especially from the GenZ employees. Frankly This is a misconception and a reflection of their own bias and distrust towards their employees and the workplace culture. GenZ employees are not more likely to make false complaints than any other generation. In fact, GenZ are more emotionally mature and aware of their rights and responsibilities than the millennials.

The companies should not view POSH law compliance as a burden or a threat, but as an opportunity and a benefit. By creating a safe and respectful workplace for all genders, they can enhance their reputation, productivity, retention, and employee satisfaction.

Founders, Management Change your mindset, you will see big difference in your employees. Compliance with POSH law is NOT an expense or cost, It is #investment in your companies future.

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PS> This post was originally published on LinkedIn