Saturday, February 13, 2010

svnplot - one year later

About one year back (Dec 2008) I changed job. Between two jobs I had some free time. I wrote first version of svnplot during these 4-5 days. Then I released it as 'open source' project on Google Code. Soon many people started using it. I started getting the bug reports filed on the project page. To me, this was a indication that people are really using this project. 
  1. I got bug reports from developers/scientist working in places like CERN, AMD.
  2. One of the bug reports mentioned that "I'm using SVNPlot on over 100 of my users' repositories"
  3. Svnplot was mentioned in discussions on StatSVN forums
  4. StatSVN developers added the feature of  tag cloud of commonly used words in commit messages inspired from the similar feature in svnplot. So as mentioned by  Benoit "it is now a bilateral inspiration". Since initially features in svnplot were inspired from excellent StatSVN project.
Many people contributed bug fixes and improvements to svnplot.
  1. Chris Glasman added  support for repository authentication.
  2. Oscar Castaneda developed/contributed code to convert SVN logs to output files can be used in CMU's ORA and Apache Agora as as part of Google Summer of Code 2009 (GSoC09). You can read the details of his contribution here.
  3. kitpz2 contributed code for better pie-chart display of directory sizes.
I think the key advantage of  svnplot is it doesn't require a checked out copy of repository. Also it is easy to hack.

So what's next ?
I am now working on next version of svnplot (0.6). The key new feature will be graphs be generated on client side with javascript and HTML canvas. This will reduce the dependency on matplotlib and it will be easier for users to deploy it.  After checking few Javascript charting libraries like Flot, jquery.Visualize plugin, I decided to use jqPlot. I am planning to release Svnplot 0.6 in few weeks time.