Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Elevating DevOps: A Journey from novice to Master craftsman

 In the dynamic world of DevOps, the gap between theory and practice can sometimes seem as vast as space itself. Reflecting on my journey through countless interviews with DevOps engineers, a pattern emerges: a disconnect between claimed experience and practical knowledge. It's a concerning trend that sees the essence of DevOps, a craft of precision and innovation, being diluted by superficial engagement.

Rewind to the days before DevOps became the industry buzzword. I was at the helm of creating a comprehensive DevOps platform for Geometric Ltd., integrating both commercial and open-source tools. This experience was more than just 'clicking buttons'; it was about architecting a seamless workflow that propelled projects forward.

For those aspiring to master DevOps, here's a distilled essence of my experience:

  1. Begin with the roots. Watch John Allspaw and Paul Hammond's seminal presentation at the Velocity 2009 conference. Let it be your DevOps genesis, and absorb its insights multiple times.
  2. Dive deep into Version Control Systems (VCS). Whether it's Git, Mercurial, or Subversion, understanding the intricacies of VCS is non-negotiable. They are the backbone of any robust DevOps strategy.
  3. Ensure everything is traceable. From source code to CI/CD configurations, every element should be version-controlled, allowing you to pinpoint changes with precision.
  4. Immerse yourself in the wisdom of pioneers. My recommended reads include 'Release It' by Michael Nygard, 'The Phoenix Project' by Gene Kim, and 'Accelerate' by Gene Kim and Jez Humble.
  5. Learn from the best. Study the engineering blogs of tech giants like Netflix, Google, and Facebook, Uber to stay abreast of cutting-edge practices.

DevOps is not just a role; it's a mindset of continuous improvement and relentless pursuit of excellence. Let's commit to upholding the true spirit of DevOps and nurturing the next generation of software craftsmen. 

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