Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fast track programs for managers and developers - Selection and First Quarter

When we announced the program we got almost 150 applications for this program. We wanted about 20 participants in this program. So we have to short list our 20 selected candidates from 150 applications.  We used following selection process
  • Online test composed of General Intelligence Test, Analytical ability test, English comprehension test.
  • About 50 candidates were selected from the online test. 
  • These 50 candidates have to write an essay about 'things they will like to change' in the organization.
  • These candidates have to undergo an interview by 2 interview panels. 
  • About 25 candidates were selected based on interviews and their essay.
  • These candidates had to  undergo final interview and in the end we selected 18 candidates.
First quarter was difficult. Participants were also somewhat confused and we were also learning about how to run such program.

First quarterly meeting changed lot of things. The participants started to gel into a team. We did sessions on basics of business finance, mind-mapping, creativity techniques, software design principles, basics of PLM systems, etc. 

They have also started on online management certification program by McIntire School of Commerce.  This program covered the theory while the candidates were getting a hands-on experience of all the concepts that they were learning.

One key component of Quarterly Meet was 'lunch with senior management'. Every quarter we arranged a lunch with CFO, COO, Head of HR and other senior management team members. This way candidates were getting direct access to senior management team and they were able to ask questions/discuss and understand their thoughts behind various company initiatives and ideas.

Every quarter we evaluated the candidates on various parameters. Anyone with C grade in two consecutive quarterly is to be removed from the program. So far (almost 6 quarters are done) we have not removed anyone and every quarter we are increasing the baseline

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