Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SVNPlot - my first opensource project

During the 1 week gap between the two jobs, I finally started an opensource project. The project is called in SVNPlot. It is inspired by the excellent StatSVN Subversion Statistics generation package.

SVNPlot generates graphs similar to StatSVN. The difference is in how the graphs are generated. SVNPlot generates these graphs in two steps. First it converts the Subversion logs into a 'sqlite3' database. Then it uses sql queries to extract the data from the database and then uses excellent Matplotlib plotting library to plot the graphs.

I believe using SQL queries to query the necessary data is resulting great flexibility in data extraction. Also since the sqlite3 is quite fast, it is possible to generate these graphs on demand.

As tribute to python and author of Python-Guido van Rossum, I have generated the graphs for Rietveld project. Check it out here

is hosted on Google code ( and licensed under New BSD license. For information on installation and usage, check the introduction page here

I am using python to implement SVNPlot. I am a novice to python. Hence any suggestions to improvement are welcome.

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