Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Using Social Network Analysis with Version control data

As I mentioned in the last post, am experimenting about using social network analysis (sna) on verision control data. Now with SVNPlot project, I have a way of converting the Subversion logs into sqlite database. It allows me to query the data in many different ways.

I used the Rietveld repository data and did some premilinary analysis. I am not an expert on SNA but Initial results look very interesting and promising. You can see the results on my website

Update : Oscar Castaneda has added SNA data extraction to SVNPlot as part of GSoC 2010 project. He has used these modifications to analyze Apache repositories and reported his findings in ApacheCon. Check the details at
  1. Life After Google Summer of Code by Oscar Castaneda
  2. Oscar's GSoC 2010 proposal 
  3. Details on how to use his contributions in SVNPlot to extract the data.

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