Thursday, September 09, 2004

Body Language of the Organization : My interpretations - Part 1

Writing a blog entry after a month. When I wrote the last entry, I was in Munich, Germany. Now I am back in India and heavily involved in a new challenging project. Last one month was hectic and I could not write anything.

As I promised, this time I am going to give my interpretations of the Body Language Observations. Remember these are 'my interpretation'. You may not agree with those interpretations. Feel free to add your interpretations and comments in the comments section. Lets look at one question at a time

1. How was your interview letter ? Did it had detailed instructions, maps etc on how to reach the office/place of interview ? Did the letter contains process of interview, approximate time it takes ? Does it say anything about transportation if the office is out of main city area ?

Most of the interview letters, just contain address and no map or instructions. Now this can be just inertia Or it can be because the Organization doesn't care enough to make it easier for you. But even the inertia is a symptom of Organizations culture. If the letter does not contain process of interview, approximate time it takes, what time you should reach there then the chances the Organization doesn't care enough about your time. Corollary is that probably it won't care about your time either after you join. So be prepared to overwork.

2. How the Security guard treated you ? - Like a Person or a transaction.

These observations tell you about the culture of the company. Personally, I like to be treated as person and not a transaction. Did Security Guard treat you a decent person or treated you as potential thief ? If the Security Guard treats you as potential thief, probably the company (and company policies) treat the employees in the same way.

3. How the Receptionist treated you ? - Like a Person or a transaction.
Again I like to work in a company where I am treated as individual and as a faceless/identity less entity.

4. How was the atmosphere in lobby ? (e.g. Like a dentists office, Alive, throbbing, uninterested)
I will like to work in alive, throbbing atmosphere. Are there any other company employees around ? what were they discussing ? Was the discussion animated or was it just a small talk ? It gives you an idea about the interests and enthusiasm of the people you will be working with. If you are spending 8-10 hrs with these people, make sure that you will like working with them.

5. Are there any books, magazines, news papers available in lobby ? Are there any technical magazines available ?
Again was the magazine available were old-old tattered issues like a waiting room , just news papers, or some recent issues of technical magazine. Did the magazines more like just business or more technical ? All these are small clues about what the company considers as important.

I will my thoughts about remaining questions in subsequent blog entries.

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