Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Comparison of VSS, CVS and SVN

I have prepared a comparison among the three commonly used Version Control Systems Visual SourceSafe (VSS), CVS and Subversion.

The weights and scores are based on my judgement. I think this type weight scores based comparison may help you in convincing people (e.g. your project team, colleages, senior mgmt in your company) to use Subversion.

Total Score
Subversion : 251
CVS : 171
Visual SourceSafe(VSS) : 138

Check it out at Comparison of VSS, CVS and SVN


phaedrus said...

Have you thought about true distributed SCM's like git? Another very interesting distributed SCM is Darcs with a lovely patch mechanism. It would be interesting to see how this scales up against non-distributed systems, even in centralized authoring networks.

phaedrus said...

Have you studied the effectiveness of distributed SCM's like git or Darcs? I wonder if there is reason to recommend their use.

Ashish Sarode said...

Can you please add GIT to this comparison?

Nitin Bhide said...

I did not include distributed version control systems the Git, Darcs, Bzr or Mercurial mainly because I don't have any first hand experience working with them. Without experience, it is difficult to assign weights to each factor.