Thursday, August 31, 2017

May be Indian Software Developers are just not good in programming

 Today I was reading an article 'Maybe today’s Navy is just not very good at driving ships' about problems by US Navy in light of two recent ship collisions.

What stuck me the how similar the problems are with the problems faced by the Indian Software Industry.
  1. Compromising on training of new comers (in the name of saving cost) and assuming that they will learn 'on job'. Typically these guys then screw up 'on the job' which has much higher cost. But this cost is never really visible. It remains hidden behind individual project failures/cost.
  2. Project Managers and Team leads afraid to go to seniors/mgmt with anything that might look bad for them. They did everything to protect their own reputation to ensure that they get promotion. 
  3. Environment is not about becoming competent software developer/project manager but about looking out for yourself.
  4. Decisions made for saving money have now “posed more leadership, logistical and administrative problems,” 
  5. (Navy) culture rewards checking the box on qualifications, passing inspections and stacking resumes with career-minded assignments.
For short term company gets 'reduction in cost and hence better profitability'. In Long term company is doomed. (growth stops, good people start leaving, company is sold, etc).

Unfortunately in Indian context this is not just problem of few companies. Its a 'pandemic'.  That is why we (i.e. entire Indian software industry especially small companies) are in BIG trouble.
We desparately need lot of Good Passionate Coders. But we also need companies which really really value these passionate programmers.

I cannot do much about companies really giving importance to core coding skills. However, from Sept I will do my bit to develop the next generation of Passionate Programmers. If you want to know how, read about the Concept of CodeGym.

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